Sign Matthew’s Birthday Card

Nov 29 2013 2:42PM

If Matthew were still with us, Sunday, December 1st would be his 37th birthday. Every year, this is a day of reflection for the Shepard family and the Foundation staff. We greatly appreciate your support during this emotional time, and for taking a moment in your own lives to Erase Hate in his memory.

Today, you can sign a birthday card for Matthew in the comments below.

You can also support our work with a contribution today. Our loyal and longstanding partners at MillerCoors, who generously support our ‘Erase Hate’ programs and resource every year, have stepped forward with a matching challenge for our supporters. We need to raise $37,000 to unlock the match, so please consider making your tax-deductible donation today and sign the birthday card for Matthew.

  • Pete Johnson

    I am disgusted by this new book making the rounds, being shilled by #douche Andrew Sullivan, besmirching Matthew’s name. Matthew may not have been a saint (who among is is a saint), but he did not deserve his fate, and from what I have read, he was still a wonderful human being. Hate and bigotry and discrimination have no place in 2013. I wish I had known Matthew. I have very little money, but please accept my $10 donation.

  • Brian O’Toole

    Happy Birthday Matthew
    we’re the same age now ;)
    we’ll never forget you

  • Slj983

    Dearest Matthew, you’ve made such a huge impact on the world and I only wish you were here to see it. You’ve helped so many people and opened the eyes of many. I wish you nothing but peace on your birthday, as well as peace to your family and friends on this emotional day. Nothing that day was in vain, Matthew. I will never forget the impact your death made on the world, and my own life personally. You will never be forgotten. Ever.

  • bobsforth

    It is an honor to work in your name to make the world a safer place for our community. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and only wish you could spend it with your parents as they tell your story to the people of the Netherlands.

  • Daper

    Happy Birthday dear Matthew

  • Leslie Hobson

    As a mother I grieve for you Matthew – every day.

  • Shana Santoni

    Happy Birthday Matt. You were my ‘little brother’ in The Music Man in Casper in 1989. You were a precious young boy and I’m sure you were an even more amazing young man, who was taken from this world too soon. I think of you often and pray for your parents that they may continue to impact the world in your memory. God Bless.

  • JPWilkes

    Dear Matthew: I hope you are in a more peaceful existence than the one you experienced here with us. Your heinous death was undeserved, but take comfort in the fact that you have changed hearts and lives through your passing, and your absence.

  • Stefanie Shockley

    god bless you matthew – you’re a beautiful angel in the sky…happy birthday – never forgotten

  • Kev Sean Dempsey

    Still such a sad loss. Heaven does have another angel and through sadness, the Shepard family has grown, through all the hard work of your parents and the hundreds of volunteers that give their time to your foundation.

  • Sarah Carknard

    Happy birthday Matt! Although I never had the opportunity to meet you, you have been a huge inspiration in my life. Thank you.

  • Gah-Kai Leung

    Happy 37th birthday Matthew. The world has changed so much since your passing and yet some things haven’t. There is too much hate and too little love. Thinking of you today even if I never met you. All the best to you and your family. :).

  • Ron Stultjens

    Very happy birthday dear Matt.

    Your parting from this earth was too soon. I have given it a place in my live. Your story still makes me grieve, every time I visit your website.
    I know you watch us from up there in heaven, sitting on your pink cloud. Hope you have your big lovely smile on your face. I wish we had met in earlier days.

  • Ricardo Lobo-Morell

    Donated $10 – hope this can make some difference. Ricardo, UK

  • Ruthie Cole

    Happy Birthday sweet Matthew..Please tell my son I love him <3

  • Billy Bryan Hockman

    Happy Heavenly Birthday, Matthew, may you be at peace, and rest in the arms of the angels!!! You’ve made a difference in this world!! RIP

  • Kaleb Crain

    Happy 37th Birthday Matthew you were taken way to early from this place and will forever be missed. My heart goes out to you family today as the are reminded of the years they continue to miss, they can take joy however in the action taken by the American society to honor your memory and make life better for the LGBTQIA community.

  • Shawn Heinen

    Thinking of you today on your birthday!! Life is not forever but LOVE is! Your loves and supporters are making a difference in the world! Bless your soul, Matthew! Happy Birthday, in heaven!! xo

  • Kelly Stephenson

    Dear Matthew,

    Your death was not in vain because as senseless and hateful it was u opened the eyes of so many people. You have touched my heart and life personally and helped prevent future hate crimes. I pray for ur mom and family that god gives them healing and peace.God uses all things to work together for our good.

    God bless you!

    Kelly Stephenson

  • Craig Wagstrom

    Happy Birthday Matthew ! You are missed by so many . . .

  • James Herrera

    Happy birthday

  • Chad Wren

    Such a loss to the world, however thankful that even in death your life has inspired and touched millions to realize it is okay to be true to who you are and fight for equality. May God bless your family at this time as they remember the memories you gave them.

  • Moonbeahm Krystil

    Happy Birthday Matthew…May your Spirit soar withe eagles May you walk among the Elders May we be honored to hear your heartbeat once again in the sound of a drum………….

  • Eric Harris

    Matthew you were a beautiful spirit and have became one of the forces and empowerment of us all. You will always live on with us making you immortal!! <3

  • Miles

    Dear Matthew ~ On this which would have been your 37th Birthday, my dear boy, I can only HOPE that the price YOU PAID for other people’s IGNORANCE & HATE will NOT ONLY SAVE others from a similar FATE but SAVE those that would COMMIT the similar UNFORGIVABLE act,

  • Gm Tron Russo

    I was living in Provincetown, MA – a small, gay, resort town when Matthew’s story hit national news. Myself personally, and the entire town were utterly devestated and shaken to the core at the horrific nature of his death. Living in a gay enclave makes you sometimes forget that there is so much hate for gay people in the rest of the world. This was a terrifying eye opener for us, it’s all people – gay and straight could talk about for weeks. Sadness at the loss of such a young, beautiful, promising human being cast a shadow over the town for the rest of the season.

  • Paige Graham

    Happy birthday, Mr. Shepherd.

  • Anthanijr

    From our sadness and tears we know that you live on in all our lives…The impact your life and death has had on our community will forever be with each and everyone of us…Happy Birthday Matthew…. xoxox

  • Robin Saunders

    <3 may your story remind us all to love one another God bless your family

  • william

    such a tragic loss of live, but his name will carry on forever.god bless

  • Jennifer Lemaire

    Happy Birthday Matthew. I first heard of your passing when I was in the sixth grade. I am now 26 and your story has stayed with me since. I have and will forever continue to educate others and be a proud voice for equality. May you rest easy knowing always that you are loved and remembered.

  • Jane E Locker

    Matthew I cried when I heard of your death…I was shocked something like this would happen in our home state of Wyoming…I hope you have peace where you are…. you will not be forgotten…. Happy Birthday…..

  • MaximeAngelStarling

    Dear Matthew , I am so sorry That I didn’t have the pleasure to meet in this life, and that I only come to know you because of your death .
    today would have been your birthday and also is World AIDS Day a day that should have been of celebration filled with love and compassion , the same love and compassion you had towards life ,I am HIV positive and today is such an emotional day , I can only say that in my hart I think of you when I am down and in trouble , today as I said I am crying as something beautiful like you as left this desolated land. I will always carry you in my hearth ,Bless you and I am so thankful to your wonderful family

  • Katrina

    Happy Birthday Matt -

  • B.j. Foster

    Happy Birthday Matt…even though I never met you or knew you I think of you often and what happened to you…One day we shall meet…I know you are looking down from on high on us all…

  • Billy Wilton

    Happy Birthday Mathew. I kind of know what you went through that night, I expeirienced something similar to what you did that night two years later. Although I came out alive, the trauma of that event definitely took it’s toll. I’ll never agree to give a ride to two strange guys again.

  • Luis Stay Strong Rivera

    Happy Birthday Matty, even if you can’t physically be here with us, you are in everybody’s heart. Your heart and soul is a constant reminder and strength for all of us… that we must keep fighting for equality, and keep teaching those that see the world with hate, that we are just as important and special in the world as they are. Rest.In.Peace buddy, God sent you down as an angel, to be an example for everyone, but he needed you back… so he called for you… that’s how I choose to see it now. May you continue to inspire future generations, even from above <3

  • devsfan55

    Happy birthday Matthew. Although your horrible death has brought about many positive changes, life would have been better with you in it. You will never be forgotten.

  • Dave Wainwright

    LOVE does not die , if there is light at all then by its nature it is eternal and can never be extinguished , may your light burn forever bright , forever young , forever true , forever YOU <3

  • Elli Frank

    I went to school with him my freshman year of college. We were in the same master learner class. He was so timid and shy. I remember him like yesterday. There are monsters among us and because of this, I’m grateful that he is an angel. Eternal peace, Matt. Xoxo

  • John Harris

    Warmest greetings and heartfelt thanks to your family and friends for all their gallant efforts to secure justice in your name for all people.

  • Rose Ryan

    His loss changed forever how I would raise my 3 sons. He truly did leave a lasting legacy.

  • Michael Throssell

    Happy Birthday, I hope your spirit is soaring!

  • Lake Kaelin Rose

    Happy Birthday Matthew! Even though your death was tragic, I believe that you did not die in vein. More and more people have stood up since your death and we fight each day to have the rights and protection that you never had. You live on within each of us, and continue to inspire millions to stand up and speak out about homophobia and violence.

  • Joel Nicholson

    Happy birthday Matthew. You were one very beautiful guy and I wish I got the chance to meet you and give you one huge hug. Every pic I’ve seen of you has always made me think you looked like such a sweet prince. Even though I never got the chance to meet you, I do think of you often. xo

  • Joshua Sweeney

    I know I am a few hours to late but I wanted to say Happy Birthday! Mathew’s story shook the world and I still remember hearing about this as a child. The Mathew Shepard story is what gave me so much fear of coming out when I was younger. The fear the same early fate would come to me as well if anyone was to find out that I was gay as well. Finally at the age of 19 I realized at a slow pace, the world was changing. It was a bit more open. I realized that it was not right to stay in the closet and remain scared. We should be brave and proud so that future generations know they do not have to hide. The more we spread the word to end hate, the better it will be for our children and theirs. Thank you Mathew for changing the world, and I hope to meet you someday!

  • Meredith Phipps

    Happy birthday. May your loved ones and the entire world celebrate your life and accomplishments. Also, may your loved ones find support and love as I know it’s an extremely difficult time with your loss. I had the pleasure to meet your mother back in the spring of 2006 at Drake University’s conference. She talked about your life. At the time, I was 14 and she gave me inspiration in my own dark hour. You gave me inspiration. I also remember she was so proud of you. I still treasure the fact that I have her signature on my folder. I’m sending prayers for your loved ones. We will never forget you.

  • K Carlsson

    Blessings to you, Matthew, and your family…

  • Anna Gore

    Happy Birthday, Matt! Wish you were here :(

  • Magen Wilson

    I wish I had the money to give because I think this is something never to forget. We did The Laramie Project as a HS production and I was very moved at the way everyone in the audience was brought together by the end, crying for you. Tragedy lost, Memory Gained… Hopefully soon, lesson learned!

  • Jesse Sheets

    Happy Birthday Mathew.

  • James Taft

    Happy Birthday Matthew!

  • Beowulf_ctb

    Happy birthday, Matt! I never met you, but we share the same birthday. You changed the world. I hope that in heaven you know what you accomplished.

  • Angela Merry Pavlica

    Happy Birthday, Matthew.

  • burnedashes

    I’m a day late, but Happy Birthday Matthew! I really wish that I could’ve gotten the chance to meet you, but I know that I’ll be able to one day.

  • Pete Johnson

    I will never forget when I first heard the news. The next week is etched in my brain forever. Candlelight vigils in West Hollywood that flooded into the streets and blocked traffic. Sketchy news reports for days, never really knowing what exactly had happened. Your sad past in Alaska and Saudi Arabia. Your seeming happiness in Wyoming. The brutality and senselessness of your killing. I cried then, and I never cry. I think about you all the time. The world is a better place today, thanks to your wonderful parents’ activism and honesty about you and your life, and how your death has affected them, and the foundation that they started in your memory and the many people who it has helped. And yet, I just wish the world just had you in it instead. I never met you, but I would have liked to know you. You will never be forgotten as long as you remain in our hearts. You will be in MINE forever. I’d give anything for you to be able to blow out candles on a cake surrounded by family and friends. You deserve that. I am mostly an agnostic, but its moments like this when I find myself really hoping I am wrong, and that you are looking down on us with peace and forgiveness and understanding. In my mind, that is what I choose to believe. Happy 37th Birthday. I can only wonder what kind of a man you would have grown up to be. The world’s loss. I really could keep going but I guess I should just wrap this up. God Bless you and your brave parents. OK, wiping some tears now. Signing off. Pete K. Johnson.

  • Matthew Pearce

    Happy Birthday Matthew You Are Never Forgotten. May You Forever Rest In Peace